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    1Why choose Sahaara Foundation?
    Sahaara Foundation has been saving lives & restoring families from substance abuse as we offer the best chance at lifelong recovery.

    Sahaara Foundation treatment works. Our scientific evidence-based treatment methods get results. Over 80% of our adult patients remain continuously abstinent in the year after treatment & will remain sober if they live they life adhering to the program & we encourage participation in a Twelve Step program as one means of support in recovery.

    We're more than a 28-day program. Addiction is a chronic condition that requires continuing care. Sahaara Foundation offers a full range of services with varying intensities & durations to meet the clinical needs of each individual.

    2What is Sahaara Foundation like?
    Sahaara Foundation system is designed with safety, comfort, & serenity in mind. We want patients & families to feel that our facilities are a place where they can turn down the noise of the outside world for a while & focus on their own issues & needs. We have tried to create environments of healing that reflect our belief in treating people with dignity & respect. Sahaara Foundation facilities vary but there are certain components common to all Sahaara Foundation treatment facilities.

    Time for talking -- both one-to-one counseling & a variety of group settings.

    Personal time for reflection & reading & completing individual treatment assignments.

    Relaxation, exercise & recreational activities.

    Sessions & other educational activities.

    The time spent at Sahaara Foundation is intended to provide a fresh start with support, education & therapy to aid in long-term recovery & a healthy, sober life.

    3What is treatment like at Sahaara Foundation?
    Sahaara Foundation programs approach treatment with several things in mind. First, we treat each person who comes to us with dignity & respect & we provide a safe place in which to start the healing process. Next, we want to be very accurate in any diagnosis so the assessment & evaluation processes are very thorough to ensure that the person is clinically appropriate for our level of care. Our treatment philosophy is based on the recognition that addiction is a disease & that abstinence is the only way to manage the disease. We approach each person in a holistic way, working with mind, body & spirit as integral components of a healthy life.
    4Is medical detoxification (detox) offered as a part of residential treatment?
    Comprehensive, medically-supervised detoxification ensures that patients are medically stabilized before beginning the multi-dimensional treatment process. Upon admission to Sahaara Foundation, all patients undergo comprehensive medical evaluation of their physical health & receive medical detoxification services, as necessary.
    5What if a patient needs psychiatric help?
    Your intake counselor will gather your mental health background & with your permission discuss your needs with your mental health care provider. All of our programs work with people who have concurrent mental health issues in addition to their diagnosis of addiction. However, we are not a locked psychiatric facility, & if your condition is too severe to be safely accommodated at Sahaara Foundation, we will refer you to another treatment provider.